18ga Electric Wire 25m

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Screenshot 2017-08-24 09.54.25.png

18ga Electric Wire 25m

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You could probably get a fat spool of red wire from the auto parts store and redo your taillight. Ugh...  no.  Just do it right.

This is a box of 18AWG wire in 5 colors (5 meters of each). Just pick which set you want - GRBBY or BOGWP.  Early bikes will likely be mostly GRBBY (see common color usage below), but I'd suggest both.

GRBBY - Green / Red / Blue / Black / Yellow
BOGWP - Brown / Orange / Grey / White / Purple

Most common uses by color (suggestions based on my experience only)
Green = ground
Black = ground or 12v
Red = 12v
Yellow = lights
Blue = high beams, turn signals

Brown = 12v/accessory
Orange = lights/turn signal
Grey = 12v gauge/accessory
White = ignition/charging/lights
Purple = controls/accessory

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